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Steelhead Habits and Behavior by Michael Steiner

Steelhead require much the same cover and structure as trout, so logs, overhanging branches, deep pools or fast riffles may be prime areas to focus your attention. Now that we’re starting to think like fish, we have to understand the priorities of steelhead once they reach the river. Their goals are to feed and to travel up-river as far as ... Read More »

Bead Fishing in Alaska by Dake Schmidt

After months of fish flesh and unfertilized salmon eggs floating down-stream, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that flesh and eggs should be the “meat and potatoes” of your fly box during October and November. For as aggressive as steelhead are, they can also be quite picky. In my experiences, I have found that most dark leech ... Read More »

Jig Fishing for Steelhead part 1 by Dave Gantman

Why I Fish Jigs It was a cool and cloudy morning on the South Umpqua River, Oregon. I was with my friend Chris Burt, an avid steelhead and salmon fisherman. On this morning, Chris had invited me to join him on a stretch of water that I had never fished before. I was excited knowing that we were to use ... Read More »

Jig Fishing Series Float Fishing Jigs, Part 2 by Dave Gantman

Why Fish Jigs? The ultimate goal in the pursuit of any species is to catch more and bigger fish using the most simple and effective method possible. For steelhead, float fishing is widely considered to be just that.  In the previous article, I explained that success in steelhead fishing is about increasing percentages during time spent on the water, as ... Read More »

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Steelheaders! by Jimmy Mac

Now, thirty years later I am battling ten to twenty-pound metalheads. After a great day’s fishing, I find myself at the local pub, telling about the biggest fish of the day. I am often asked, “What ya gettin’ em on?” I lower my head, think for a second, and blurt out a complete lie—”Stone flies.” Perhaps my fishing ego is ... Read More »

Float Fishing with Center-Pin by Justin Haug

We met up early the next day, and I was excited to try out my newly learned tactic. We hit the water, and not even four casts later, my friend is locked into a bright chromer. I fished for over an hour, without any luck, as he continued to catch fish. At this point, I was totally frustrated and wanted ... Read More »

Steel Strategies When & Where NOT to Fish by Ray Collesso

Here, in Ontario, the early fall rains, combined with the cooler overnight temperatures, will trigger the initial runs. As a rule, fall run fish are what I call “transition” fish. They are  naturally reproducing fish that enter the system earliest, as they will migrate further inland to their original spawning areas. Spring run fish will enter later. Generally, they will ... Read More »