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The Mighty Skeena by Noel Gyger

This area held the world-record chinook salmon of ninety-two and one-half pounds; the record coho salmon which weighed in at twenty-five and one-half pounds; and a thirty-six pound steelhead. The community of Terrace, British Columbia, is located on its banks, farther to the west. Even average size fish in the Skeena region are considered trophies when compared to catches taken ... Read More »

Misconceptions of the Dolly Varden by James Pierce

There is much confusion as to whether Dolly Varden is in the char family or is it simply a bull trout? Fishermen and biologist have debated this question for years. Presently, the species that run these western Washington rivers are now classified by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife as bull trout, a separate species from Dolly Varden, but ... Read More »

Steel Strategies When & Where NOT to Fish by Ray Collesso

Here, in Ontario, the early fall rains, combined with the cooler overnight temperatures, will trigger the initial runs. As a rule, fall run fish are what I call “transition” fish. They are  naturally reproducing fish that enter the system earliest, as they will migrate further inland to their original spawning areas. Spring run fish will enter later. Generally, they will ... Read More »

Guppies Of Today by Heather Seitz

The anticipation of my father coming home from work, knowing we would be setting off on another new adventure together on the streams of Centre County Pennsylvania, is something I will cherish forever. Looking back on my life, these most amazing experiences are among my fondest childhood memories. The love of the outdoors has brought me such great pleasure over ... Read More »

Sweetheart Steelheading on the Kalum by Noel Gyger

Unless you plan to spend most of the day following big Chinooks up and down the river, scale up to heavier gear. Twenty pound leaders and line aren’t too much when the river’s flows increase with warming weather. 50, 60 or even 70 pound Chinooks boggle the mind and break up light tackle types! Just ask Larry Schoenborn, host of ... Read More »

Kings of Chrome, Atlantics??? by Brendan O’Farrell

I was halfway out to my slot, just as the river disappears into the giant bay, when Einstein yelled out, “Some dude was here this mornin’ with one of them there fancy fly reels (referring to my centre-pin), and a big pole, and hooked into a silver that just blew him apart!” Well—with the juices now flowing, realizing the possibility ... Read More »

High Water in Steelhead Alley by Mike Steiner

When I arrive at the stream and find a good flow and the perfect color, I may use the same flies but increase the sizes a bit. Instead of a size #14, go with #12—same with the dropper, bump it up to #14. Also you may want to increase your tippet diameter. I suggest fishing with the heaviest tippet that ... Read More »